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Writing, Opera, Wine: Musings from 
Dr. Paul Anthony

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A Bit About Paul Anthony

Paul grew up in mid-century Brooklyn. He always had a fondness - perhaps a modest talent - for writing, which led to a variety of interesting (if generally low paying) career moves. He was a merchandise buyer and copywriter for a famous New York City specialty store, advertising manager for a map company, and even wrote copy in praise of roofing material.

Paul is passionate about writing, opera, and wine (as you may have guessed from the homepage and blogs topics). "Sorrow: The Legacy of Cio-Cio-san" was written out of love for the opera Madama Butterfly; it chronicles the fictional journey of Sorrow, son of Butterfly and Lieutenant Pinkerton, from the toddler at the end of the  opera through adulthood. Sorrow was self-published in July 2021 and is available in paperback on Amazon.

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Sharpless did his best to explain the proceedings to Suzuki in his halting Japanese:

Sorrow (as they alone called him) and Suzuki will live with the Pinkertons. Sorrow and Suzuki will move to America with the Pinkertons. Sorrow will go to an American school and learn American English and religion. Suzuki will also learn English and help Sorrow become a good American.

Tribunal officers gently, yet firmly, transferred the boy from Governess to Mother. Sorrow was confused and held tight to the neck of his Governess. Kate gave the officer a wide-eyed nod, it was ok to leave him be. Sharpless, Pinkerton, Kate, and Suzuki (carrying the boy) trudged toward the door and daylight. All will be in America when robins nest a fourth time.

From "Sorrow"
Paul Anthony

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Sorrow: The Legacy of Cio-Cio-san

July 2021

Set in the early twentieth century, "Sorrow: The Legacy of Cio-Cio-san" continues the fictional journey of Sorrow, son of Cio-Cio-san and Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton; Pinkerton and Kate, his American wife; Suzuki, aunt and guardian to Cio-Cio-san;  Sharpless, U.S. Consul to Nagasaki; and a host of new characters that will influence Sorrow and shape his future.

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Brooklyn 4, New York

Summer 2022 (Planned)

Paul Anthony's grandparents, and millions like them, came to America at the turn of the twentieth century with little more than hope. They entered through Ellis Island, settled in Lower Manhattan, and migrated to Brooklyn decades later.

"Brooklyn 4, New York" is a collection of stories based on the experiences of these early twentieth-century pioneers. It is a lyrical sharing of experiences and perspectives from a unique time in mid-century New York City.

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Dr. Paul Anthony

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